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A Look Back at Tech For Good in 2023

By Catherine Moore

Technology is one of the world’s greatest equalizers. Technologists are constantly looking to make an impact, from finding new ways to leverage AI to meeting social sustainability goals, and tech companies around the globe frequently share their most innovative work at conferences like CES and MWC.

As a communications agency, focused on the tech industry, Wireside often has a front row seat at these shows to learn about emerging technologies that bring us together and improve our lives.

A few standouts from this year include:

  • NTT’s Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) will provide the infrastructure needed for high-speed broadband communication and efficient computing resources. It will be highly beneficial for optimizing connectivity and data transfer. The company offered an in-depth look during their R&D Forum for more information on breakthrough innovations in technology areas, such as 6G, smart world, AI, environmental solutions and the infrastructure it will take to unlock their potential.

  • NTT’s partnership with the City of Las Vegas will supply greater connectivity to their residents and innovation opportunities for local and global businesses. Once up and running Las Vegas residents will have access to workforce development opportunities, education and telehealth visits. But this model can be applied to any number of cities, revolutionizing connectivity as it currently stands.

  • Infineon Technologies’ partnership with Delta Electronics will combine both companies’ expertise to make EV’s more reliable and efficient. This is another example of B2B companies using their areas of focus to make a difference in the lives of consumers.

  • NTT established Kyoto Institute of Philosophy to enable a new standard to foster diversity. Through this initiative NTT will pave the way for enhanced benefits from diversity, capitalizing on differences across teams.

A lot can change in a year, and we predict that during CES 2024, we’ll see more real-world examples of how technologies like 5G, private networks, edge computing and generative AI are all coming together to improve connectivity and operational efficiencies for organizations worldwide. And of course, we’re looking forward to an exciting gadget or two that we just can’t live without at the edge.

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