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Wireside Clients in the News

More companies are exploring quantum computing use cases across a variety of industries, from shipping to food processing to aerospace. In this Techopedia piece, Riverlane explains the importance of Quantum Error Correction, and how reducing errors is vital to unlocking the future of quantum computing.

Techopedia article - Riverlane and NTTR_

Wireside Kicks off 2024 with Significant Growth, Expansion and Recognition

Wireside® achieved 35% year-over-year growth in 2023, welcoming new clients Socotra and Riverlane, additional team members and earned recognition as a finalist for the prestigious 2024 SABRE Awards. 


Ethernovia is revamping car networks

Ethernovia is simplifying the jumble of cables connecting brakes, infotainment and driver-assistance systems with the new silicon Ethernet in cars.


GHD discusses how tech is impacting the energy transition with Financial Times

​Cyber security professionals are playing a greater role in protecting the energy sector from growing online threats.

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