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VentureBeat Features Infineon & VW

Infineon Technologies believes “electromobility” is becoming a reality, and the company is planning to drive a new Volkswagen electric car with 50 Infineon semiconductor chips across the country....

Infineon Technolgies

NTT Provides Business Insider Insight on Colonial Pipeline

The Colonial Pipeline hack finally made the ransomware crisis real for America, and Americans got really mad... [Paywall Site]

NTT Colonial Pipeline

Volvo’s self-docking boat tech is now a reality

The system compensates for the tides and wind to keep the boat moving in a straight line.

Volvo self-docking boat

Key ways to embrace the hybrid cloud

NTT report highlights how the combo approach is becoming the go-to model for enterprise IT during the coronavirus era.


How ransomware defense is evolving with ransomware attacks

As data exfiltration threats and bigger ransom requests become the norm, security professionals are advancing from the basic "keep good backups" advice.

Ransomware Dark Reading

NTT'S big data provides a unique approach for Tour de France 

Bloomberg covers the story of how NTT Limited is helping the Tour de France carry on in a Pandemic year

NTT Limited Tour de France

Jason Goodall, global CEO of NTT Ltd. shares his POV with Fortune

Over the past few months, coronavirus lockdowns have impacted cities and communities all over the globe in dramatic ways. This has raised the question: Is there still a place for cities? 
The answer is not simple; it requires us to learn from what has happened over the past few months and rethink how we leverage technology to reimagine what cities can be, and the critical role they play in our collective future


HPC Wire covers Alexander appointment

NTT Research, Inc. named Joe Alexander as distinguished scientist in its Medical and Health Informatics Lab. Alexander joined NTT Research in February 2020. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Before NTT Research, Alexander spent 18 years at Pfizer serving as senior medical director of global medical affairs. At NTT Research, he will lead the MEI Lab’s bio digital twin initiative

NTT Reasearch Joe Alexander

Shin’ichiro Matsuo, a research professor for the department of computer science at Georgetown University and a senior scientist at NTT Research shares his POV with Cointelegraph

NTT Research Cointelegraph

Business Insider features NTT Research

Japanese tech giant NTT is pouring $230 million into a Silicon Valley research lab to build hyper-realistic ‘digital twins’ of people for medical research

NTT Research
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