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5G For the Masses: How mid-tier 5G could make a big difference

5G has been coming... for a while. High end phones from Samsung and Huawei have been around for almost a year. But there is little to show for this except high prices, mediocre reviews and some exasperated users. The real wave of 5G innovation has yet to hit.

But silicon companies have been hard at work designing new chipsets to put 5G in devices below the $1000 mark -MediaTekwith its Dimensity 800 series and nowQualcommfollowing suite with the Snapdragon 690. This provides the foundation for a new generation of 5G devices that will be less expensive and accessible to more people – and more people on 5G means more possibility for new innovation.

Why is 5G innovation important? Because it’s a potential growth engine. 4G spawned a whole new wave of economic prosperity – Uber, AirBnB, Spotify, WeChat and many more apps came about on 4G/LTE networks. They changed everything from transportation to entertainment. 5G speeds could enable much more physical interaction across distance, which makes a lot of sense in the “new normal.” Getting more people on 5G will jumpstart an entire new wave of innovation… and that has a lot of people very interested.

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