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Rethinking an Experience Strategy

In-person events have always been a cornerstone of great comms strategy. Tradeshows, yes, but also small-scale experiences that showcase products, technologies, or labs and factories. Some of my favs were a photo class in Barcelona, a bike tour in Paris, a tractor factory tour in Iowa, an open house in Taiwan, and a media tour in New Delhi (James Thorniley,Winky Moon,Lisa Kennedy,Jenna Caswell,Ben Haber... and so many more). There is nothing like face to face interaction when sharing a tech or brand story.

IRL will be a focus again, but now we need to reinvent virtual events. I was inspired by a story in Digital Trends about Collision at Home. The Toranto-based event reinvented itself for online rather than trying to replicate what it was in the past. It has integrated phone and PC so the app and online experience work together. On a more bespoke note, NTT Research’s Upgrade Reality event was small-scale conversation for journalists with scientists and a Hollywood director. NTT Research is at it again with a cool digital Q&A.

One thing that hasn’t changed: great content and speakers are key.

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petr petrov
petr petrov
Dec 13, 2023

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