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10 Things Millennials Said They Wanted from Tech Companies

Years ago, I was working with a client on a large study of what millennial executives wanted in a tech partner. The client was an older brand in the tech space that had dominated its segment for years and wanted to lead future generations.

I recently came across my notes and thought I would share. While this information is dated (about eight years old), it’s interesting to look at it in today’s light. Many items on this list are common practice now.

1. Constant improvement – Don’t claim you’re an expert in everything, just try and get better all the time

2. No lock in – Lock in means I can’t be agile; I need technology that works with other technology

3. Rethink the RFP process – Long RFPs can slow down and convolute a relationship

4. Move fast & send texts – I don’t have time to get on a conference call; just give me an answer and use messaging platforms, not voice calls

5. Self-service - I don’t always want to talk to a human

6. Humility

7. Be willing to be wrong – Tell us about the hard stuff

8. Full transparency

9. Have a free version

10. Meet the developer community where they are.


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