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Objective: MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) is an Internet Society-led initiative promoting measurable routing security best practices for a more sustainable Internet ecosystem. Wireside saw MANRS as an important program that could be launched and stand alone as a global movement. We were tasked with doing so in 2019


Strategy: Launch MANRS via en exclusive with IDG News Service; broaden campaign when updates on the progress of MANRS became available, such as new ISPs, IXPs and CDNs signed up as members (about 1-2 campaigns per year), to raise brand awareness around the MANRS initiative and position the Internet Society as a thought leader and change agent



Results: Secured ongoing business, technology and cybersecurity trade press around MANRS and the Internet Society. MANRS is covered on a regular basis and has grown to include members such as Microsoft, Verizon, NTT and other big tech heavyweights

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