Wireside Partners with Volvo to Launch World’s First Self Docking Yacht

Wins Volvo Penta 2018 Neptune Award from Marine Marketers of America for Best Public Relations

2018: Volvo Penta Public Relations

Pitch Messaging, Attendance and Earned Media delivered by Wireside

Volvo Penta’s Self-Docking Yacht Launch

Wireside Communications was selected by Volvo Penta of the Americas to launch the world’s first self-docking yacht: Wireside handled all business press media relations and in-person attendance. The launch earned Volvo Penta a Neptune Award from the Marine Marketers of America for Best Public Relations in 2018.

Award: Marine Marketers of America announce winners of 2018 Neptune Awards

Best Public Relations: Volvo Penta of the Americas, “Self-docking Yacht,” created by Volvo Penta of the Americas

Launch Press Release: Volvo Penta unveils pioneering self-docking yacht technology

Associated Event: Volvo Ocean Race: June 15 – 17 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Launch Attendance:

  • Boating Magazine and Popular Science, Lois Parshley, Contributor (attended, based in New York, New York)
  • Business Insider, Tom Turula, Freelance Contributor & Former Online Editor (attended, based in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Forbes, Tom Mullen, Contributor (attended, based in Bordeaux, France)
  • Travel + Leisure, Marjorie Ma, Editor (attended, based in Shanghai, China)

Earned Media / Feature Stories:

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