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Visualize Google Analytics with

Have you ever gone into your Google Analytics account and wondered just how you can distill all the information into an engaging report that anyone in your company can understand and wants to read?  If so, you need to visit to try their new, free offering that takes your site’s Google Analytics data and populates it into an eye-catching infographic, easy for anyone to read.


And it’s easy to set up.  Simply sign up on their website and allow them access to your site’s Google Analytics account.  Within seconds a graphic depiction of your web traffic will pop up.  Best of all, they will send you a report weekly straight to your email so you can track your website’s progress week over week. pulls in a number of metrics including traffic to your site via social channels (Twitter, Facebook) as well as SEO traffic.  It’s so easy and hassle-free, why not try it today?

If you’re interested in other types of infographics, and don’t want to create your own (see our last post on a service to create your own infographics), also offers an online marketplace to connect with designers who will create infographics for you for a fee.   They also have quite a gallery of fun infographics to peruse and waste away an hour or two… not that I’ve ever done such a thing!