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  • Channel Partner Program Roundup: NTT Com, Affirmed Networks

    Howdy folks, and welcome back to Channel Partner Program Roundup. This week we’ve got some hot developments from NTT Com and Affirmed Networks.  Read More

    The VAR Guy 12/03/15
  • Artificial Intelligence Handles Phone Calls for NTT

    We’ve all talked to annoying robot voices on the phone in lieu of actual customer service people. But NTT Communications today says it is creating a service via artificial intelligence for “highly natural automated dialogue.” NTT Communications is a branch of NTT Group, which offers cloud services to enterprise customers.  Read More

    Sdx Central 12/03/15
  • NTT Brings Secure Cloud Solutions to U.S. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Customers

    NTT (NewsAlert) Communications Corporation (NTT Com), NTT Group’s information and communications technology (ICT) solutions business, is making its global portfolio of cloud infrastructure solutions available to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) customers. This was made possible thanks to an agreement between HPE and NTT Com’s US subsidiary, NTT America (NewsAlert).  Read More

    Cloud Computing Magazine 12/02/15
  • Wednesday Bytes: NTT, Limelight, RCN Business, Level 3

    Here’s a quick look at some interesting news from the week so far:

    NTT America has a new partner with whom they can tackle the US enterprise market. They’ve signed an agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise by which HPE customers will have access to NTT’s private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service offerings as well as professional services. The cloud has been a tougher nut to crack for telecom as a whole than some once thought, but NTT continues to forge ahead.  Read More

    Telecom Ramblings 12/02/15
  • HPE partner program teams with NTT Com on cloud, services

    Participants in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Partner Ready Program for Service Providers will be able to deliver cloud offerings and services from NTT Com.  Read More

    TechTarget 12/02/15
  • HPE, NTT Team Up on Cloud

    Customers of the month-old Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) can access cloud services through NTT Communications thanks to a partnership announced Wednesday.  Read More

    Channel Partners 12/02/15
  • NTT America Puts VMware’s EVO:SDDC to Work

    NTT America has a use for VMware’s newly released EVO:SDDC. It’s a key part of a disaster-recovery-as-a-service offering.  Read More

    SDxCentral 09/04/15
  • NTT Comms’ New Chief Likes the Fast Lane

    NTT Communications has a new president and CEO, 60-year-old Tetsuya Shoji, who starts in his new role today. He takes over from Akira Arima, 65, who had been president and CEO for five years. Read More

    Light Reading 06/19/15
  • Gartner’s first DRaaS Magic Quadrant sees IBM, NTT, Sungard AS at summit

    Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), a commoditised offering whereby organisations can recover if their cloud service hits the skids, has had relatively slow uptake.  Yet the trend has garnered enough ground for Gartner to put together a Magic Quadrant on it – and the analyst house has seen fit to put IBM, NTT Communications, and Sungard Availability Services at the top of the pile. Read More

    Cloud Tech 04/29/15
  • SDN App Store Launches, with Tiers

    The opening by computer giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) of a software-defined networking (SDN) app store poses a question for tech observers. Does the ability to buy SDN applications off the (virtual) shelf mean that this technology has arrived, or at least become more real?

    HP execs think so. “We are leading the market in terms of taking SDN mainstream,” said Kash Shaikh, senior executive director, HP Networking, in a video touting HP’s SDN developer workshops, software developer kit (SDK) and app store. But whether we have moved into a realm where SDN has become “as simple as downloading Angry Birds,” as HP Global Marketing Leader Jacob Rapp reportedly said, is another question.   APPS

    There’s a key difference between the Apple and Google app stores and the enterprise portal that opened on October 1, about a year after HP first announced it at Interop New York 2013. Any consumer wanting to download Angry Birds – or something more popular (not such a great choice, HP) – simply clicks to install. There is no range of application categories based upon “their support and test process,” as noted in the HP SDN app store announcement.

    That’s fair, because SDN is not child’s play, after all. At one end of the SDN app-store spectrum are the ones that are “built and tested exclusively by HP.” They reside in the top circle. (See left column at the portal). Then come the apps from HP partners, then those from the community, and then those labeled as conceptual, or in development. There is an implicit, high level of networking knowledge at all levels, whether it’s within HP itself or affiliated partners or channel integrators or fellow developers tapping into beta versions.

    In other words, the growing reality of SDN remains closely linked to expert implementation. In that sense, this HP app-store story aligns with the launch of SDN-enabled enterprise cloud services from a service provider, such as NTT Com. Whether you build a network yourself or buy (or rent) it from others comes down to technical competence, available resources, cost structure and projected return on investment. That’s not new with SDN; rather, it’s one of those eternal questions of IT operations.