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  • 05/28/19 PRSA Richmond Luncheon: #MeToo and Other Smoldering Crises – How Bad Behavior Impacts Companies

    Two-thirds of all business crises arise from “smoldering” issues that can be identified and prevented long before they harm the organization’s brand and reputation. The majority of these issues are related to employee or manager misconduct that management may be aware of but refuse to address. In one study, companies where a top executive was accused of personal misconduct suffered financial impacts long after the legal side of the case was resolved. Join us May 29 as we welcome Deborah Hileman, SCMP, president and CEO of the Institute for Crisis Management. She will address how communicators can identify and prepare to address a variety of “bad behavior” organizational crises.

  • 04/09/18 PRSA Virginia PR Awards

    Wireside will be accepting an award at PRSA’s Virginia PR Awards at the Jefferson Hotel on May 24 for our content marketing work on behalf of NTT Communications.

  • 08/21/17 Cision Webinar: Don’t Feed the Trolls: Building a Plan to Mitigate Negative Social Interaction

    This webinar from Cision on August 24, 2017 at 2 p.m ET will help participants:

    Identify the gaps in your current response strategy Create or reshape your current response plan that empowers your team Monitor all your key channels with cutting edge tools to support your execution Build authenticity and empathy into responses to deliver best possible resolutions in difficult circumstances
  • 08/15/17 PRSA Richmond: Writing for Effective Media Relations

    In today’s oversaturated news landscape, it’s more important than ever to know how to work effectively with the media. VCU professors Mary Ann Owens, formerly a USA Today reporter, and Jeff South, formerly of the Austin American-Statesman, will host a workshop covering:

    How to position a story to grab a journalist’s attention Tips for writing succinctly and avoiding jargon New ways to pitch, with a focus on multimedia and data presentation Understanding journalists’ needs, deadlines and how to best accommodate Do’s and don’ts for reporter outreach for print and broadcast media
  • 07/18/17 rva tech week: Pitching to the Press

    Slide decks, growth charts & crazy bootstrapping stories? Pitching a startup to a media outlet can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t know what they are looking for. Get the inside scoop from technology media experts on what you need to do to get your startup’s story heard today!

    PANELISTS: — Peter Hamby (Head of News @ Snapchat, former CNN political journalist 2005-2013) — Stephen Babcock (Market Editor for Baltimore and DC., local technology news website) — Mallory Noe-Payne (award-winning reporter, has worked for NPR’s newscast unit, APM’s Marketplace and Public Radio International) — Juan Conde (Anchor/Reporter at WRIC-TV)

  • 07/18/17 Cision Webinar: The Art of Influencing Influencers

    Join Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR, Paul Kontonis, CMO of WHOSAY, and Daniel Watson, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing at Cision on Thursday, July 20 at 2 p.m. ET, as they discuss how communications and marketing professionals can better target and identify influencers, better engage and build longer term relationships, and deliver measurable results.

  • 06/28/17 PRSA Richmond: Comedy and Communication – Using Humor to Your PR Advantage

    There’s the common advice to start a speech with a joke, but where else should PR professionals use comedy to connect with their audiences – both internal and external?

    Join us as we welcome David Wingfield, CEO of Commonwealth Commercial Comedic Communication, as he explains how humor can be used to create more effective communication strategies that stand out and are remembered long after the campaign has concluded.

  • 05/08/17 A Brave New World: How does the Internet Affect Societies

    The Internet Society and the International Security Department at Chatham House will be holding an event on May 11, 2017 on the Internet and its impact on society, to mark the Internet Society’s 25th anniversary.

    In little more than a generation, the Internet has transformed ways of communicating, transacting and accessing knowledge.  For the earliest adopters, the Internet promised a new home of the mind, and offered new possibilities for addressing the challenges facing the world.

    Yet, mounting concerns over the impacts of globalization, rising social and cultural divides, and the spread of false or misleading information online all raise uncomfortable pressing questions: is the Internet eliminating divisions in society, or is it accentuating them?

  • 04/26/17 Cision Webinar: Time To Spring Clean Your Communications Workflow

    Springtime is about reorganizing and renewing. Have you done the same for your communications strategy?

    Join SVP of Product Marketing, Vanessa Childs on Wednesday, April 26 at 2:00 pm ET, to learn what’s in the newest release and how it can help improve your distribution, measuring and targeting workflows.

  • 04/26/17 PRSA Richmond: The Increasing Impact Of Social Media On The Public Relations Practice

    Social and digital media undoubtedly has had a tremendous impact on public relations, and few PR professionals have studied this as extensively as Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., the Harold Burson Professor and Chair in Public Relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. Dr. Wright is the lead researcher on arguably the longest and largest study of new media’s impact on our profession. He will be sharing his findings from this study, totaling 12 years and surveying nearly 6,000 public relations practitioners.

  • 04/05/17 PRSA Richmond: Crisis Planning and Communications

    Join PRSA Richmond and Brian Ellis, executive vice president and crisis lead at Padilla, for the professional development session “Crisis Planning and Communications,” Thursday, April 6 at Padilla. Coffee/bagels and networking begins at 7:30 a.m. and the workshop will be held 8 to 10 a.m.

    Sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the position of companies that have faced some of the most well-known crises in history. Picture the chaos and scrambling of the crisis “war room,” and think about how hard they worked to reduce the media scrutiny and calm stakeholders.

    Some of these organizations were prepared and their images were hardly tarnished. Others failed to prepare and train, so when the going got tough, the tough got frantic, and the media made the rules. In our 24/7 media landscape, that happens all too often.

  • 04/04/17 2017 NTT America Sales Kickoff

    This year’s Sales Kickoff will be held at the beautiful Loews Coronado Bay Resort in sunny San Diego. Situated on its own peninsula in the San Diego Bay, the resort has outstanding views of downtown San Diego and the marina.

    The 2017 Sales Kickoff will be an exciting, informative event with plenty of fun included.

  • 03/29/17 PRSA Richmond Luncheon: Using the Power of Big Data to Anticipate the Next Crisis and Take Proactive Action

    We now live in a world where one negative story about your brand can spread faster than the speed of light. At the same time, existing tools and crisis communications strategies are no match for the digital- and mobile-savvy marketplace. Fortunately, the power of big data can now be harnessed by today’s communications professionals to anticipate the next crisis and create a smart blueprint for taking proactive action. Chase Donnelly from Zignal Labs will be the speaker.

  • 03/16/17 Cision Livestream: Breaking Down the State of the Media in 2017

    The media and communications landscape changed in 2017. Was your brand left behind?

    Join industry leaders from GE Digital, LEVICK and Cision as they discuss how these changes impact their strategy and execution.

    In one hour, you will discover media trends from 1,550 top journalists in North America, rethink your approach to communications and marketing strategy, and learn how to measure success in the 2017 media landscape.

    Wednesday, March 29 – 2 p.m. ET

  • 01/19/17 Creative Mornings RVA: Mystery- Kelli Lemon

    About the Speaker- Kelli Lemon is a “Social Consultant” that is passionate about changing how people “LIVE” Richmond! Formerly the Business Manager of Mama J’s restaurant, Kelli is now working for herself to socially connect people through food, sports, arts and education. She is an on air personality for Radio One Richmond’s Kiss FM and iPower92.1 and hosts a weekly podcast called “Coffee with Strangers”. Read More

  • 11/03/16 NTT Global Forum 2016- New York

    The NTT Global Forum is a unique, invitation only event for business leaders that use ICT to reshape the world. Guests at our event will make connections with senior executives from NTT companies, industry analysts, and industry peers and hear about which strategies and approaches they are adopting in their organizations to manage digital transformation. Our customers and special guests are invited to participate at: Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Appel Room, New York, November 17th, 2016.

  • 11/02/16 Wireside SWaM Certification Renewed through 2019

    We’ve renewed our SWaM certification through 2019! Check out our listing here.

  • 10/12/16 NTT Global Forum 2016 – Germany

    The NTT Global Forum is a unique, invitation only event for business leaders that use ICT to reshape the world. Our customers and special guests are invited to participate at: The Kurhaus Wiesbaden, Germany on Thursday 22nd September 2016.

    This year we will explore the theme Digital Transformation: You can’t ignore it.

  • 10/12/16 PRSA’s Next Wave Networking Social

    In celebration of PRSA New Professionals Week Aug. 1-7, join the Next Wave section and fellow public relations practitioners and colleagues for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and networking Wednesday, Aug. 3 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at The Blue Goat, located at 5710 Grove Ave. in Richmond. This event is open to all members and their guests.

  • 09/26/16 Business Wire’s 15-minute Expert Webinar Series – Social Media with Serena Ehrlich

    Expertise: Social Media, Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Google Glass News and Content Creation, Consumption, Distribution, Integrated Marketing and PR.

    Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media, is responsible for internal and external content creation and distribution services, ranging from PR programming to social media updates. With more than 20 years of experience in the content distribution industry, Serena understands both sides of the content and news industry – from creating compelling content that activates audiences to analyzing how distribution impacts results.

  • 05/19/16 Wireside Welcomes New Team Members

    We’re excited to welcome two new team members – Brittney Jubert and Kelley Blanchard – to Wireside!  Brittney joins us as an Assistant Account Executive and Kelley is our new Operations Manager. Both ladies are Virginia Commonwealth University alumni and have wonderful skills and experiences to contribute to the team.

    Brittney Jubert, Assistant Account Executive

    Before joining Wireside, Brittney was a freelance consultant and held several public relations and marketing internships within the automotive, wedding and film production industries. Kelley has a background in business management and marketing having owned and operated New Normal Apparel Company.

     Kelley Blanchard, Operations Manager

    Get to know more about Brittney and Kelley here!

  • 05/06/16 Professional Development Session: Join Brad Phillips, Author Of “The Media Training Bible”

    Brad Phillips, author of the best-selling book The Media Training Bible and one of the world’s top media trainers, will be joining PRSA Richmond via Skype to cover a series of media relations topics. Read More

  • 04/21/16 Gather Spotlight

    Each month in 2016, you will have the opportunity to learn about 3 members of the Gather family. Each speaker will share what problem their business solves, what obstacles they have overcome, and what their growth plans are. Read More

  • 01/25/16 The Economist Intelligence Unit webinar: “The Global Outlook for 2016: exploring global risks and opportunities for the year ahead”

    Join us on Thursday, 28th January 2016 at 3-4pm Greenwich Mean Time (10-11am Eastern Standard Time), when our experts will guide you through the biggest geopolitical, economic and financial opportunities and risks to the global economy in the new year.

  • 01/25/16 PRSA Webinar: “A Tech PR Trifecta”

    How to Build Great Relationships With Tech Journalists, Understand Current Media Trends and Secure Top Feature Placements for Your Clients.  This webinar will be a candid conversation with the industry’s most influential technology editors on how to win the hearts and minds of reporters (and readers), and more ink in their magazines. Our panel of journalists will cover best practices for engaging media, personal communications preferences, and story interests and beats, as well as how to build those elusive “relationships” that we all seek. This session also will cover tips for writing the most effective subject lines and pitches, and the essential elements reporters look for. You’ll learn:

    ·         What’s changed in the newsroom and the role of editor vs. reporter.

    ·         Elements of a successful pitch and an irresistible subject line.

    ·         How to engage reporters via timing, topics and channels.

    ·         Tips for pitching by email and phone, and social media dos and don’ts.

    ·         The ins and outs of embargoes, desk-side briefings and press conferences.

    ·         Examples of the best and worst of public relations.

  • 11/05/15 PRSA Webinar: “Get Clicked, Read, Shared and Liked: Make Your Blog Posts and Social Media Status Updates More Creative”

    What makes people share online messages? Interesting, entertaining and funny content tops the list, according to a study by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

    In this session, you’ll find out how to make your messages more interesting than cat videos and Kim Kardashian with techniques that make your audience laugh, cry and hit “send.” You’ll learn how to:

    Tap The Awwwwww Factor — the #1 tool you can use for crafting messages that go viral. Steal from the FBI. Model the masters of online storytelling to write pieces that readers love to read. Craft an online story in three simple steps. Start with the snake, or choose a lead that readers actually want to read. (And avoid the most common lead approach that is guaranteed to turn them away.) Write in the V.O.B. Develop a voice for your online channels.
  • 11/05/15 PRSA International Conference 2015

    At the PRSA 2015 International Conference, enhance your personal and professional network, while engaging with some of the world’s most influential companies and organizations that call Atlanta home. Connect with thousands of colleagues and over 150 industry experts from all career levels, sectors, work environments and industries for three days of practical insight and networking.  Read More

  • 11/05/15 NTT Com U.S. Global Forum

    Above the Cloud is an invitation-only event brought to you by NTT Communications, the world’s largest provider of end-to-end enterprise Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystems.  Read More

  • 11/05/15 2015 North Carolina Public Relations and Marketing Seminar

    It’s a business first. No matter how much we love and excel at the practice of public relations and marketing, practitioners have to stay in business. The 2015 N.C. Public Relations and Marketing Seminar at the beautiful Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh brings internationally-recognized public relations and marketing thought leaders together with PR and marketing pros from the Triangle to the coast and beyond for a day-long opportunity to learn, discuss and network on the business of doing business. Lunch is provided, and, don’t worry, so is coffee and a light breakfast, as well as Office Yoga with Lori Burgwyn of Franklin Street Yoga and Deskbound Workouts with Randy Long from Reality Workouts!  Read More

  • 10/30/15 Space Available in Superior Production Exchange

    Wireside Communications, an independent public relations agency focused on high tech B-to-B communications, is looking for a co-tenant to sublet a furnished portion of its 800 square foot commercial space in the Superior Production Exchange (SPE) Building (a 36,000 square foot warehouse). The space is located in Richmond’s historic Shockoe Bottom at 1901 E. Franklin Street.  Wireside Sublet Ad

  • 09/14/15 PRSA September Luncheon

    Drone photography is being used by everyone from promotional videographers to those who tinker with the latest gadget. But drones have a serious and useful purpose being developed by the news media. They can be a safe and innovative way to gather and disseminate information while keeping journalists out of dangerous situations. Hear how Virginia Tech’s Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership is working with CNN, AP, NBCUniversal, Reuters, Getty Images, NYTimes, Washington Post and others to test the limits of drones, capturing images from the front lines without unnecessary risk. More Information

  • 07/27/15 The One Party

    On July 16, Wireside will attend Richmond’s PRSA, AMA, LMA and Ad Club’s The One Party: a giant networking event for Advertising, Communications, Marketing and Public Relations professionals. Read More

  • 06/09/15 AMA Richmond June Luncheon

    Blurred Lines: A Clear Look at the State of PR & Marketing

    Once separate kingdoms, marketing and PR’s borders have blurred, making it hard to tell where one’s work starts and the other’s ends. As the landscapes rapidly evolve, so do communicators’ responsibilities. Get a clear picture of how PR has changed, the state of the industry as powerful technologies emerge, and what all this means to your day-to-day communications. Read More

  • 06/04/15 Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event

    Join Wireside on June 9-10 at the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL for Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event. The only event in the world focused on monetizing high-capacity broadband networks. 3000+ attendees, with over 60% attendees from service providers and enterprises.  Read More

  • 05/26/15 PRSA May Luncheon: The Future of Blogging

    Who’s still blogging? And why? Come hear experts from both the corporate and personal blogging perspectives and learn how the format has evolved, along with opportunities to capitalize on this messaging space.  Read More

  • 04/20/15 5th Annual Gator Gourmet: Savor the Flavors on Stuart Avenue!

    Wireside joins the Gators for a night of good eats, gracious neighbors and great fun on April 29th at St. Gertrude High School.  Read More

  • 03/25/15 Check out our O’Dwyer’s Listing Here

    O’Dwyer’s is the #1 source for researching public relations firms and outside PR counsel.  Check it Out

  • 02/24/15 HYPE’s “Feedback & The Hard Conversations”

    Wireside joins HYPE at Richmond’s Triple Crossing Brewery for the second installment in the 804UM Series. Katherine Busser, CEO and President of the Virginia Children’s Hospital Alliance, will help us learn to tackle these difficult conversations with confidence and poise.

  • 01/27/15 University of Richmond’s Spring Spider Career Expo

    On February 2, Wireside will join organizations from a variety of industries at University of Richmond to share  internship opportunities with students studying public relations, business and related fields.

  • 01/22/15 NTT America Sales Kick-Off 2015

    Wireside is a sponsor of the 2015 NTT America Sales Kickoff, being held January 20 – 22 at the Hilton San Diego/Del Mar.

  • 11/20/14 Richmond Ad Club’s Beaujolais Wine Event

    A networking and happy hour hosted by Richmond Ad Club, taking place at Big River on 11/20.

  • 10/16/14 The PRSA 2014 International Conference

    The PRSA 2014 International Conference focuses on the evolving techniques, trends and technologies, helping public relations professionals fearlessly take the lead in today’s demanding business environment.

    Join thousands of colleagues and over 150 industry experts from all career levels, sectors, work environments and industries for three days of practical insight and networking.    


  • 10/15/14 Warren Whitney Leadership Network 25th Anniversary Celebration

    A 25th Anniversary celebration and networking breakfast hosted by Warren Whitney at Willow Oaks Country Club

  • 10/09/14 PRSA Networking Happy Hour

    A networking and happy hour hosted by Richmond Chapter PRSA tonight at American Tap Room

  • 03/10/14 We’re Hiring an Account Executive

    Wireside Communications, an award winning independent public relations agency focused on high tech B2B communications, has an immediate opening for an Account Executive.  We’re seeking a person with about three years of experience in public relations; a person that specializes in technology or telecom is ideal. Learn More

  • 02/25/14 Wireside Welcomes Spring Intern, Kristen Ruiz!

    Kristen is currently a candidate for a B.S. in Mass Communications, with a concentration in public relations and a minor in business, from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  Her anticipated date of graduation is May 2014.

    Aiming to understand the ins and outs of public relations, Kristen joined the Wireside team as a spring intern in February 2014.  Her professional experience includes internships with NASA Langley Government Relations and Education Offices, and the Virginia Air and Space Museum.  While working with these organizations she interacted extensively with the public, advocating for investment in science, technology, and education.  Her experience also includes supporting NASA Day on the Hill in Washington, D.C., where she was able to advocate for NASA programs at the U.S. congressional level. Reflecting upon this experience, Kristen authored an article about NASA Day on the Hill that was featured on NASA’s website.

    In addition to interning for Wireside during the day and finishing up classes at night, Kristen works as a hospitality specialist at a high-end restaurant.

  • 02/04/14 Meet Wireside at the U of R Marketing and Communications Expo on 2/5

    Calling all University of Richmond students! Wireside is looking for a PR Intern for 2014. Stop by our table tomorrow at the Marketing and Communications Expo between 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Gottwald Science Center Atrium. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your résumé!

  • 01/10/14 Wireside Seeks 2014 Intern

    Wireside Communications, an award winning independent public relations agency focused on high tech B-to-B communications, is seeking a recent college graduate or a senior in college for an internship immediately (January). Learn More

  • 09/20/13 September 2013 PRSA Luncheon

    Members of the PRSA Richmond chapter met for its monthly luncheon on September 25.  September’s topic was “Critical Thinking & Crisis Management.”  Learn more on PRSA Richmond’s website.

  • 09/13/13 Fireside Blog Post by Christine Carlson Featured in Ragan’s PR Daily

    Ragan’s PR Daily, a must-read newsletter for PR professionals, featured a post by Christine Carlson – “How Formulating your PR Game Plan is Like Football” – in its EXTRA edition of its daily newsletter.  Read More

  • 08/21/13 Wireside Communications Named Small Agency of the Year by Bulldog Reporter

    Wireside Communications was chosen by a panel of working journalists as Small Agency of the Year (Silver) in Bulldog Reporter‘s 2013 Stars of PR Awards for Outstanding Achievement by Communications Agencies and Professionals.  Learn More

  • 08/20/13 Wireside a Gold Sponsor of Light Reading’s Ethernet & SDN Expo

    Join Wireside on October 2-3, 2013 at the Javits Center in New York City for Light Reading’s Ethernet & SDN Expo (co-located with Interop).  Please visit us at booth #E356.

  • 08/19/13 Wireside Featured in Richmond Times-Dispatch

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch featured Wireside Communications’ win as Small Agency of the Year by Bulldog Reporter in its Community News section.  Read More

  • 07/20/13 UNH InterOperability Lab Celebrates 25th Anniversary Sept. 16

    Wireside celebrated our client’s, UNH-IOL, 25th Anniversary on September 16th in Portsmouth, NH.  View pictures from the event.

  • 07/16/13 NTT America Calls out Wireside for Exceptional PR Support in PRSA Newsletter

    Chris Davis, Sr. Director for Corporate Marketing Communications for NTT America, says Wireside is an “exceptional agency providing support every step of the way” in a profile in the PRSA Austin newsletter.  Read More

  • 07/10/13 Creative Office Space Available

    Wireside Communications is looking for a co-tenant to sublet a furnished portion of its 800 square foot commercial space in the Superior Production Exchange (SPE) Building (a 36,000 square foot warehouse). The space is located in Richmond’s historic Shockoe Bottom at 1901 E. Franklin Street. The space is available September 2, 2013. Click here for more information.

  • 06/25/13 AMA Richmond 50th Anniversary Celebration

    Wireside Communications joined with professionals from the Richmond Marketing and Communications industry to celebrate 50 years of the Richmond chapter of the American Marketing Association on Wednesday, June 26th at Hardywood Brewery.

  • 06/04/13 PRSA Richmond: SEO and PR: Let’s Get It On in 2013!

    Wireside joined members of PRSA Richmond to learn more about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PR could and should work together to deliver the best possible results for businesses, nonprofits, and clients/agencies.

  • 04/26/13 Wireside Happy Hour at Agecroft Hall

    Wireside Communications and friends ushered in Spring with a happy hour and garden tour of historic Agecroft Hall in Richmond, VA.  View photos from the event on Wireside’s Facebook page.

  • 04/24/13 Wireside Connects with IPv6 Community at RM6vTF

    Wireside Communications connected with members of the IPv6 Task Force in Denver, Colorado from April 17-19, 2013.  View photos from our trip to Denver on our Facebook page.

  • 04/23/13 PRSA Richmond April Program & Luncheon

    It’s 2013: Do you know what your metrics are? PR Measurement for the new decade

    Wireside Communications joined other Richmond PR professionals at PRSA’s April Program & Luncheon to learn more about metric for public relations from Katie Paine of News Group International.

  • 04/23/13 PRSA Networking Happy Hour

    A networking happy hour hosted by Richmond Chapter PRSA on April 23rd, 2013 at Conch Republic.

  • 04/23/13 Space Available in Superior Production Exchange

    Based in The Superior Building, a 36,000 square foot warehouse in Richmond’s historic Shockoe Bottom, the Superior Production Exchange represents a unique coalition of 18 individual businesses in the city’s media production industry. Joining forces, we hope to attract, maintain, and capitalize on energy and creative ambitions from where we live – in the greater Richmond region.

    The assembled companies of the Superior Production Exchange boast national level creative and technical talents putting their skills to work right here.  If you would like to join us in this creative space, please check out the current space available.

  • 11/06/12 Wireside Sponsors Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo Americas 2012

    Wireside is a sponsor of Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo, one of the premier Carrier Ethernet networking events of the year.  The event assembles experts from the service provider, supplier and analyst communities to present the latest trends in Ethernet to hundreds of avid service provider network planners, engineers and marketing professionals in attendance.

  • 10/03/12 Wireside Gold Sponsor of Light Reading’s Cloud Carrier Forum

    Wireside is a gold sponsor of Light Reading’s Carrier Cloud Forum.  This forum will provide high-quality education and peer-to-peer interaction on core issues including: preparing the BSS/OSS for cloud, the developing standards, the evolving definition of carrier cloud, and the dynamic bonding of mobility and cloud.

  • 05/31/12 PRSA Networking Happy Hour

    The semi-annual networking happy hour hosted by Richmond Chapter PRSA. The May event was held at Cafe Caturra.

  • 04/25/12 PRSA April Program & Luncheon

    PRSA Richmond’s April Program & Luncheon features Marc LaFountain, vice president of support at Tumblr, who will talk about where blogging is heading and how PR practitioners can reach bloggers and their audiences.

  • 04/17/12 Wireside Sponsors Ethernet Europe 2012

    Ethernet Europe 2012 is the premier event covering the hot topic of Carrier Ethernet network technologies and services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

  • 04/17/12 Wireside Giveaway Featured on LRTV!

    Ethernet Europe’s Magic Moments:  There’s a magical twist to some new product launches at Ethernet Europe plus an effort to clean up mobile communications

  • 03/15/12 SMCRVA March 2012: Using Social Tools to Make Foodie Dreams Come True

    The event features a panel of community members who have used and are using social tools to start, grow and market their culinary dreams right here in RVA.

  • 02/24/12 Richmond Ad Club February Happy Hour

    The Richmond Ad Club is a dynamic organization of advertising professionals that’s been around since 1960.  Their mission: “To unite our ad community through service endeavors, education and the celebration of creativity.”

  • 12/10/11 SACC-Georgia’s 26th Anniversary Lucia Gala
    Traditional Swedish Smorgasbord prepared by Norwegian chef Geir Kilen Snaps and singing!
  • 11/17/11 Ad Club & AIGA Beaujolais Day/Can Drive
    AIGA and the Ad Club join forces for Beaujolias Day:  Two amazing organizations, one great cause, and lots and lots of networking.
  • 10/20/11 PRSA Richmond Networking Happy Hour

    An opportunity to “get connected” with the Richmond-area PR and communications community for an evening of networking at Capital Ale House Downtown.

  • 09/15/11 SMCRVA September 2011: The Ford Story with Craig Daitch

    A chance to hear about Ford’s social media successes and how they plan on using new platforms in the future.

  • 07/28/11 Richmond Ad Club July Happy Hour

    The Richmond Ad Club is a dynamic organization of advertising professionals that’s been around since 1960. Our official mission is, “To unite our ad community through service endeavors, education and the celebration of creativity.”

  • 05/13/11 Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce Schmooza Palooza

    This has become a long-standing tradition in the community, bringing more than 1,000 people together for an afternoon of schmoozing, great food and a silent auction in a casual, relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere.

  • 04/25/11 Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force (RMv6TF) 2011 IPv6 Summit

    The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force (RMv6TF) hosted the 4th annual IPv6 Technology Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver Colorado on April 25-27, 2011.

  • 01/13/11 tumblr. Comes To Richmond Meetup

    Celebrating the grand opening of the Richmond Tumblr Office and introducing the staff!  At Legend Brewing Company, Richmond, VA.