Hall of Fames

  • A Race For Storage

    Every once and a while we like to cover an application that drives the use of digital storage and memory. We had a chance to talk recently with Ettienne Reinecke, CTO from NTT about their partnership with the Tour de France over the last five years, NTT is the official tech partner of Amaury Sports Organisation, the organizer of the Tour de France. Read more

    Forbes 09/30/19
  • Volvo Reveals Hybrid Boating Technology As Path To The Future

    Volvo Penta is on a roll.

    In the past weeks Volvo Penta, which manufactures engines and power systems for boats, unveiled two sets of game changing technologies intended to improve the world of marine leisure and transport. Read more

    Forbes 07/03/18
  • Volvo Penta Unveils System To Help Yachts Dock Themselves

    Volvo Penta used the recent stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg, Sweden, to unveil their new self-docking system. According to the company, the system works like this: First, as the boat nears its berth, the system recognizes it’s entered a ‘catch zone’ and sends out a signal to the captain that it is ready to dock. Read more

    Forbes 06/29/18
  • Skip the Seasickness: How Boats Are Getting More Tech-Savvy

    With a range of new marine tech—from mighty motors to stomach-easing gyros and virtual anchors—boat builders are leaving the auto industry in their wake. Dan Neil goes aboard to test the innovations. Read more

    The Wall Street Journal 06/28/18
  • Volvo docks a yacht without any help from the captain

    Even if parking your yacht is the last thing you’re worried abut, it’s pretty cool to see the vessel wedge into a tight space on its own. Read more

    Mashable 06/19/18
  • Volvo builds a self-docking yacht

    It still requires human supervision, but can undertake maneuvers no human would try. Read more

    Engadget 06/18/18
  • Les leçons de l’Internet Society pour sauver la Toile

    Pour l’ONG mondiale, autorité morale et technique d’Internet, au moins six changements d’ampleur pourraient modifier l’image d’Internet telle que nous le connaissons. Read more

    Les Echos 09/19/17
  • EU Cheers Tech Giants’ Commitment to Tackling Online Hate Speech

    Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube, Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have doubled their efforts over the past six months to remove hate speech and other information that incites acts of terror from their platforms, the European Union said Thursday. Read more

    Wall Street Journal 06/01/17
  • Tech Tent Podcast: The Net Effect

    Picture messaging firm Snap once snubbed a buyout offer from Facebook. Is it now losing to its Facebook-owned rival Instagram? Plus, we chat to Kathryn Brown, CEO of the Internet Society, and Professor Philip Howard from the Oxford Internet Institute, about how the Net is changing societies around the world. And 20 years ago, chess world champion Garry Kasparov was beaten by IBM’s Deep Blue computer. We hear what he makes of artificial intelligence today. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC technology reporter Chris Foxx, and special guest Cassie Werber from the Quartz news website. Listen here

    BBC World Service: Tech Tent 05/12/17
  • Germany gets criticized by web giants over encryption plans

    BERLIN (AP) — Germany faces criticism from some of the web’s biggest names over plans to weaken encrypted communication and fine social media sites for hate speech. Read more

    Associated Press 04/06/17