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G20 ESSENTIALS: Digital ministers at the G20 digital meeting in Düsseldorf will present their joint declaration at 11:30 a.m. today. They’ll agree on a plan to boost digital industries, a “road map” that their heads of state have to sign off on too. According to German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries, “Our three key goals are fast internet for all by 2025, harmonized technical standards and lifelong digital education.” But on prickly issues like cybersecurity, sources said the ministers didn’t get very far and could recycle last year’s language.

— For Kathy Brown, CEO of Internet Society, it should also be an opportunity to recognize encryption as a positive thing. “It is time to stop kicking the encryption football up and down the field. Instead, we should recognize that encryption is key to the future digital economy and stop treating it as simply an obstacle to law enforcement,” she wrote in a comment to Morning Tech. “We need to deconstruct the issues faced by law enforcement and agree together how we can achieve a trusted digital economy underpinned by encryption.”