Clients in the News

  • OrbTV: NTT & Multicloud Trends

    Len Padilla, VP Product Strategy of NTT Europe, discusses how we’re witnessing a growing multicloud trend and how NTT is advising enterprise customers transitioning into the multicloud environment. Watch the video

    Light Reading 02/28/18
  • US ‘hacking back’ law could create a cyber wild west of vigilantism

    In the ever-changing world of security, one thing never changes: the hackers attack, and businesses defend. Given the structure of legal systems around the world, this is how it’s been for decades. But one US Congressman is looking to change the rules to give businesses the option to strike back and hack the hackers. Read more

    IDG Connect 01/18/18
  • NTT’s View of the Enterprise Multicloud

    With 2018 right around the corner, we spoke with NTT Communication’s Len Padilla on enterprise cloud trends such as how SD-WAN will impact the cloud market, where NTT is headed next year with its own Enterprise Cloud platform, and advice for enterprises in varying stages of their cloud migration.

    Here’s how he sees enterprise cloud trends shaping up in 2018. Read more

    Light Reading 12/27/17
  • Cyber security a focus of UN Internet governance conference

    The increasing number of cyber attacks blamed on nation states is getting on the nerves of a lot of Internet experts.Some say there’s a cyber arms race going on while others think we’re close to state of permanent quiet cyber warfare.

    So a lot of eyes will be watching what happens at this week’s 12th annual United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Geneva., which opens today. Read more

    ITWorld 12/18/17
  • Global Traffic to High-Profile Sites Believed Hijacked

    Global internet traffic to IP addresses belonging to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and other high-profile tech companies was rerouted Tuesday through a little-known ISP in Russia. Researchers suspect the traffic was hijacked. Read more

    Security Boulevard 12/14/17
  • AI a clear outsourcing opportunity

    NTT Communications says AI, IoT call for channel to engage in deeper discussions. Read more

    Channelnomics 11/28/17
  • A Race For Storage Too

    In October, I did a piece on digital content generated and digital storage to support the Motorsport Network coverage of worldwide automotive racing. I was approached by McLaren and NTT Communications to talk about the data generated by McLaren Formula 1 racing. This piece discusses what I found talking with Alan Heals of NTT Europe. Read more

    Forbes 11/28/17
  • SaaS putting channel in ‘great state of flux’

    The channel market has been shapeshifting over the last few years as the growth Software as a Service (SaaS) is forcing solution providers of all forms to reconsider their business models. Read more

    Channelnomics 11/23/17
  • MPs step up investigation on big tech’s Russia ties

    MPs are stepping up their inquiry into fake news as they attempt to get answers from Facebook and Twitter about the extent of Russian interference in last year’s EU referendum and this year’s UK general election. Read more


    Financial Times 11/20/17
  • The Real Meaning of Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is a mindset that enterprises need to adopt,” wrote Christopher Davis, NTT Communications’ senior director of Marketing for Americas, in response to emailed questions from IT Business Edge. “They need to acknowledge that they will be breaking the old way they were performing certain tasks or processes and replacing them with new ways, often to the benefit of cost and time savings as well as improved end user/customer experience. Read more

    IT Business Edge 10/31/17