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  • Twitter fell in attack on anti-Russian blogger, experts say

    by David Colker

    The cyber attack that brought down Twitter for several hours Thursday was aimed at a single blogger in the country of Georgia, according to Facebook, which was also targeted in the attack.

    Cyxymu, as the blogger is known online, uses his blog and accounts on several social media networks to lash out against Russia, which has waged battles with Georgia over disputed territory.  Read More

    Los Angeles Times 08/08/09
  • Twitter Service Spotty as Attacks Continue

    By Riva Richmond and Jenna Wortham

    A massive denial-of-service attack that disabled Twitter for much of Thursday continued on Friday. Twitter said its defenses are keeping the site largely accessible to users, but some third-party applications, such as TwitterBerry for BlackBerry smartphones, are still having problems accessing the service. (Here at The Times, we’re having trouble getting through using apps and the site — tell us about your experience in the comments.)  Read More

    The New York Times 08/08/09
  • Tweets fall silent as Twitter goes down for hours

    by David Sarno and David Colker

    Twitter, once derided as a frivolous way to tell friends of what you are eating and when you’re going to bed, has grown up — the hard way.

    The cyber-attack that paralyzed the social networking service Thursday signaled that Twitter had become big enough to attract the attention of malicious Internet hackers, who may have been motivated by profit.  Read More

    Los Angeles Times 08/07/09
  • DDOS attack slammed Twitter with 20 times normal traffic volume

    by David Sarno

    NTT America, Twitter’s Internet service provider, confirmed that the DDOS attack against Twitter has continued today, with huge waves of malicious requests crashing up against Twitter’s now-activated defenses. The countermeasures seem to be working; on Friday evening, pages loaded on Twitter without an obvious lag.  Read More

    Los Angeles Times 08/07/09
  • Cyberwar blamed for Twitter crash

    by Jill Colvin

    A cyber war between Russian and Georgian sympathizers is being blamed for the great Twitter crash of 2009.

    Throughout Thursday, 45 million twitter users across the globe were left speechless as the microblogging site was hit by a malicious cyberattack.  Read More

    The Globe and Mail 08/07/09
  • Attacks on lone blogger reverberate across Web

    by Barbara Ortutay

    The outage that knocked Twitter offline for hours was traced to an attack on a lone blogger in the former Soviet republic of Georgia — but the collateral damage that left millions around the world tweetless showed just how much havoc an isolated cyber dispute can cause.  Read More

    Associated Press / Knoxville News 08/07/09
  • Interview: Twitter service provider NTT America on DDOS attack

    by David Sarno

    Following an agreement early last year, Twitter’s Internet service was taken over by NTT America, a unit of the Japanese telecommunications giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. The switch seemed to improve the site’s frequently faulty service, and the rate of outages and slowness has decreased considerably. Twitter has weathered major news events such as the 2008 presidential election, this year’s election and its aftermath in Iran, and the death in June of Michael Jackson.  Read More

    Los Angeles Times 08/07/09
  • Twitter paralyzed by denial of service attack

    by David Sarno

    Though Twitter pages were accessible at the time of the original writing, the site again appeared to be down or intermittently accessible as of this update.  Read More

    Los Angeles Times 08/06/09