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Light Reading’s NFV and the Data Center- Operator Keynotes, Security & Summary-Part 2

NTT Com Keynote: Chris Eldredge, Executive VP of Data Center Services

Mr. Eldredge is employed by NTT America -the division of NTT Com that covers North America.

Background:  NTT Com is one of the largest global network providers in the world, in third [1] place behind Verizon and AT&T. They provide global cloud services, managed services, and connectivity to the world’s biggest enterprises. NTT Com has a physical presence in 79 countries, $112B in revenues, and 242K employees. It’s network covers 196 countries and regions. The company spent $2.5B in R&D last year, with a North American R&D center in Palo Alto, CA. Finally, they claim to be the #1 global data center and IP backbone network provider in the world. [Chris said Equinix has more total square footage in their data centers than NTT, but they don’t have the IP backbone network.]  Read More