Client Case Studies

  • Leading Telecom with Data Center Transformation

    Fortune 500 telecom company NTT Communications is embracing digitization by transforming its data center with Cisco ACI. Read more

    Cisco 04/18/18
  • McLaren Honda F1 Team’s Racing Simulation Engine Runs on NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud

    The McLaren Honda F1 racing team generates over 100 Gigabytes of data per race weekend. They needed an ICT solution that could maintain pace with all group companies. That’s why McLaren Technology Group revamped its global ICT infrastructure with NTT Communications WAN, Enterprise Cloud and Cloud Management Platform. Read more

    NTT Com, McLaren 09/16/17
  • A Unique Partnership Transforms Tennessee Data Systems

    In 2016, Tennessee Data Systems faced a dilemma. A regional provider of enterprise data storage services, it was serving a customer base looking for new and more cost-effective ways to manage exploding data storage requirements, but was itself limited in how effectively it could meet this demand. The solution arose from a unique partnership between NTT Communications (NTT Com), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Integris Solutions Group, an IT consultancy. Read More

    NTT Com, HPE, Integris Solutions Group, and TDS 04/10/17
  • Equal Opportunities – Dell Gives High Marks to UNH-IOL Testing

    When the word “storage” comes up, people tend to first think of their garage, attic or basement. But for many, those rooms aren’t nearly enough and the resulting need for extra space has spawned a multibillion-dollar market for self storage. Companies are finding themselves in the same situation with data. Whether it’s the growing size of databases, new applications with high storage demands such as video, compliance requirements or business continuity demands, storage that is not only fast and efficient, but interoperable with the myriad of complementary systems on the network is essential.  Read More

    Dell and UNH-IOL 07/14/11
  • A DYNamic Duo in Infrastructure

    In 1998, Google was about to transform browsers, Microsoft launched a web-integrated Windows 98 and some ambitious engineers started a DNS-focused (Domain Name System) company out of a college apartment. Tom Daly, Dynamic Network Service’s (Dyn Inc.’s) president and CTO, riding the Internet wave, became one of the original team members along with Jeremy Hitchcock, the company’s current CEO.  Read More

    Dynamic Network Services Inc. and NTT America 06/22/10
  • Breaking the Silence

    Businesses today have a lot to worry about–economic concerns, revenue, profitability, growth, staffing productivity, competition. A growing dependence on networking and the Internet to drive business puts many companies in new territory–trying to find the right mix of telecom providers, networking equipment and knowledge to keep things up and running.  Read More

    Silent Partner and NTT America 03/02/10
  • Putting Some Backbone in the Cloud

    With an uncertain economy leaving most companies looking for ways to increase efficiencies and curb costs, Cloud Computing is gaining momentum as a means to enable convenient and on-demand access to a variety of computing resources. With hundreds of applications, millions of users and billions of transactions supported everyday, OpSource™ delivers Software-as-a Service (SaaS) and Web applications as part of the Cloud for a growing number of companies whose businesses depend on 24/7 network access.  Read More

    OpSource and NTT America 10/01/09
  • A Harmonious Relationship

    How NTT Communications is helping Pandora keep the music alive on the internet

    (Published in

    Streaming audio to millions of users takes a fast, reliable network; 10-gigabit (Gb) Ethernet service from NTT Communications helps internet radio station Pandora keep its listeners humming.  Read More

    Pandora and NTT America 04/01/09