Client Bylines/Contributed Articles

  • Ethernet Revs for Connected Cars

    by Alex Sieger, UNH-IOL

    As you may have already noticed via that pesky “check engine” light, cars today are highly computerized. From monitoring engine temperature to whether your gas cap is open, even the least-expensive, bare-bones car has some sort of computer in it. Read more

    EETimes 12/29/14
  • Boot Testing for Flash Usability

    by David Woolf, UNH-IOL

    If non-volatile flash memory (NVMe) is to be considered for commercial client and mobile devices, then boot time will be critical. Here’s how to test it. Read more

    EETimes 11/05/14
  • PCIe Disk Drive Needs New Tests?

    by Craig Harriman, UNH-IOL

    With the upcoming release of PCIe Gen3 disk drive products using the SFF-8639 connector (due out this year), discussions at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) naturally turn to how these products will be tested. Read more

    EE Times 08/01/14
  • IoT, IPv6 Coming To The Connected Home

    by Tim Winters, UNH-IOL

    The Internet of Things revolution is happening–one network operator, beach condo, and early-adopting grandfather at a time. Read More

    InformationWeek 06/09/14
  • Expansion of NVMe Support Signals Growth

    by Martin Rowe, EE Times

    Recent weeks have yielded several developments that signal increasing support for NVMe. Product announcements, OS support, and test-community support are all signs of growth for NVMe, the interface protocol for non-volatile memory (NVM)-based storage technology aimed at enabling the full potential of PCI Express SSDs. Read More

    EE Times 05/06/14
  • Open SDN Driving the Operator Market

    by Chris Eldredge, NTT America

    The interest and discussion around software-defined networking (SDN) is rapidly increasing.  Though the technology permeates numerous other network-driven industries, throughout most of the carrier market, it has now reached the researching and trialing stage.  NTT Communications Corp. (NYSE: NTT) has taken it a step further and is deploying. Read More

    Light Reading 03/03/14
  • Software-Defined Networking: The Current Picture and Future Expectations

    by Yuji Kamite and Yuichi Ikejiri, NTT Communications

    The topic of Software Defined Networking (SDN) has attracted a great deal of attention from service providers, enterprises, and industry associations. A true picture of SDN has yet to emerge, however, despite today’s enthusiastic expectations.  Read More

    IETF Journal 07/18/13
  • Serial attached SCSI simulator aids design choices

    by Mikkel Hagen & Ryan Goulding, UNH-IOL

    Here’s a look at how a SAS simulator developed by University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Laboratory  can scale enterprise storage area networks in the age of big data.

    Serial attached SCSI (SAS) currently uses an expander-based networking architecture. The expander acts as a pure port extender with no switching backplane involved, meaning there is minimal flow control and processing taking place. This architecture is severely limited for enterprises requiring larger storage area networks. In fact, once the number of connections starts to increase from tens and hundreds to thousands of connections, the entire network performance begins to decline.  Read More

    EDN 02/08/13
  • The Connected Home Protocol

    by Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL

    As tech-savvy individuals, it’s likely that we’ve all had a phone call from a family member or friend that usually begins with the obligatory compliment, “I know you’re good with computers, and I was hoping you could help me …” A few years ago, this type of call was more about helping our family member or friend find a file on their computer, but today the technical challenges have evolved. Now, the questions are more likely about connectivity within the home network.  Read More

    Connected World Magazine 01/13/13
  • Test challenges for the connected home: IPv6 and TR-09

    by Timothy Winters and Timothy Sheehan, UNH-IOL

    The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) recently launched the Home Networking Consortium, which provides the broadband industry with a one-stop shop for both Broadband Forum TR-069 testing and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Ready carrier premises equipment (CPE) Logo testing.  Read More

    Test & Measurement World 10/16/12