Joya Subudhi

Welcome to Fireside

Welcome to Fireside, the blog of Wireside’s employees, partners and guest contributors.  Every month, we’ll be sharing our perspectives about the business of public relations.

Our first guest contributor will be RJ Bardsley who writes the DailyDose column on BrandFiller, providing daily commentary on the brands that we find all around us – from airlines to snow cones and everything in between.   (He does have a tendency to cover technology brands.)

Christine Carlson, Wireside’s stellar account executive, will kick off her contribution by evaluating the numerous products and services available to public relations pros and calling out the standouts.

Next time, I’ll be writing you live from the beautiful Hilton Munich Park Hotel in Munich, Germany, where Wireside will make its debut at the Ethernet Expo 2012, and I’ll provide a firsthand account of the show.

So come join us on the Wireside, where the dish on Fireside is hot!