Working with Wireside: Campaign ROI, Spotlight on SDN

I’d like to highlight the launch of the SDN Consortium, which Wireside fully managed for the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL). This campaign, like many, began with a conversation with the executive leadership, where Wireside, having assessed the IOL’s assets and work in the SDN arena as well as industry trends, proactively made the recommendation to pursue a campaign on SDN that was not originally on the radar.

Appropriately assessing the value of the news, we recommended and pursued the media strategy to hold a virtual, domestic press conference for top tier tech trades and major industry analysts.  The goal was create industry awareness to support SDN Consortium Membership sales at $20,000 USD a piece.  This was not the industry’s first or the only SDN testing consortium so we played up the “best” angle.

Assets Wireside developed from scratch that required little to no edits by the client, included: campaign plan and timeline; press and analyst lists; key messages; press release; PitchEngine microsite; press conference save-the-date and official invitation; press conference script, run of show, and seed questions for QA; social media; and follow up correspondence with the media. We hosted a dry run and, afterwards, provided guidance for improvements in the verbal presentation and deck.

Media outreach via traditional and social means secured 20 RSVPs and 13 final attendees (we find 2:1 RSVP to attendee ratio is normal), along with an additional 8 journalists/analysts that requested materials.  Managing an embargo, we garnered 35 highly favorable feature stories, one mention and a very positive analyst report from a firm that is not on retainer with the client.  As of 8/18 the coverage garnered more than 8 million online impressions according to Cision; the Pitch Engine page garnered 7,576 impressions according to Pitch Engine; and the press release has been viewed 6,894 times according to Business Wire, who also reports a potential social media audience of nearly 350K from tweets, shares and retweets in the first week of press release publication.  Please see our clients in the news section, or just Google “SDN Consortium” and take your pick of the coverage secured by the Wireside team.

Wireside completed this campaign from start to finish in 10 weeks.  As a result of the Wireside launch, the client sold a membership straight away, a $20,000 value, and is currently in talks with others.  Taking into consideration the immediate membership sale, the advertising equivalency of the 35 feature stories, and the amount an analyst firm typically charges to author a report, the ROI on this campaign was very high.  In the words of the client contact, “We are all really excited about the extensive amount of coverage! Thanks to all the help from the Wireside team! This was a great success!”

The high degree of media and tech industry know how, customer service, attention to detail, nimbleness and flexibility, results and ROI described above are typical of Wireside.  If we can help you, please contact us!



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