NTT Com Rocks London’s RSA House at the NTT Global Forum

In July, members of the Wireside team packed their bags and made their way to London for the annual NTT Global Forum, a unique, invitation-only event for leaders that leverage ICT to transform global business.

The event was hosted by our client, NTT Communications, a leading ICT provider that owns and operates the infrastructure enabling business today, and held in London at the historical RSA House, a smorgasbord for the weekend historian or architecture buff.

The bottom line of the event is this: enterprise is going digital and this includes businesses embracing the cloud. A similar conclusion was also recently evidenced in a survey conducted by NTT Communications. According to the study, IT decision makers are planning to migrate nine in ten business apps to the cloud and 60% believe this migration will happen within the next two years.

Media invited to attend the event and opening press conference were in fine form, asking lots of smart questions about NTT Com competitors, new technologies and acquisition plans. Here are some key takeaways from the intimate summit:

  • NTT Com is not taking on Amazon. “How do you plan to compete with [insert AMS or Microsoft Azure]?” This is a favorite question of the media. At the event, NTT Com executives plainly responded that they don’t plan to. Amazon focuses on public cloud, but NTT Com’s enterprise-level customers require a more complex ICT solution that includes public and private cloud with data center and security services as well as infrastructure and management support, also known as hybrid cloud.
  • NTT Com is expanding its global footprint: The company is investing in more data centers and global networks, the critical assets that serve as the foundation for NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud. NTT Com will open a new data center in the UK’s Hemel Hempstead in the fourth quarter, following its March $824m (€742m) purchase of an 87 percent stake in German data center provider e-shelter. Stateside, NTT Com opened a new data center in Sacramento, California in April, with plans to open another in Ashburn, Virginia, in the fourth quarter.  In addition, the company just announced the acquisition of PT. Cyber CSF, a data center service provider headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, which will be renamed NTT Indonesia Nexcenter. The company has plans to open and acquire still more data centers and steadily grow its reliable, low-latency, high-capacity global networks that serve to connect these data centers around the world in order to provide the seamless support enterprises need to expand their global operations.
  • Speaking of Enterprise Cloud: NTT Com plans to unveil an enhanced Enterprise Cloud platform that will use software-defined networking (SDN) to enable customers to manage their public, private hosted, and private on-site clouds as if they were all one and the same cloud. NTT Com’s lauded Enterprise Cloud offering, launched in February 2013, is the first private cloud to deploy SDN and has a global network of more than 140 secure data centers in 196 countries / regions.
  • Embracing M2M and the IoT movement: In addition to enterprise cloud services, global networks and a global datacenter footprint, NTT Com is building up its experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) markets. The company is field testing wearable sensors, in partnership with Japanese construction firm Obayashi, that monitor workers’ vital signs in a bid to improve safety. It is also working on a connected car service with Toyota (details confidential).

We’re looking forward to the NTT Global Forum in NYC later this year, so stay tuned for more exciting developments!


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