ION-Krakow at PLNOG 11: Swords, Knights, Castles, Internet?

This week ION Krakow, co-located with the Polish Network Operators’ Group (PLNOG), took place bringing IT professionals and industry leaders from all over Europe together to discuss emerging technologies including IPv6, DNSSEC, and Routing Resiliency and Security. While getting a large number of professionals in one venue is a major feat in itself—PLNOG is one of the biggest network conferences in Poland—the conference organizers took it one step further with an amazing medieval theme made certain that the event would be pretty memorable.

PLNOG KnightsPLNOG banner

Conferences and sword fights do not normally go hand in hand, but between medieval tournaments, and a party in a castle, we love it when a theme is truly carried through.

In addition, PLNOG 11 debuted PLNOG4KIDS – a series of events and meetings organized for 9-12 year old children.

Of course, there was a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure the event would go off without a hitch, not unlike the challenges ION panelists discussed during panels “Slaying the Two-Headed Beast: Challenges and Triumphs of DNSSEC” and “Fortifying the Castle: An Update on Global IPv6 Deployment.” Check out the links to archived webcasts here.



(Left to Right: ION-Krakow IPv6 panelists take questions from the audience; ION-Krakow speakers Jan Žorž and Sander Steffann)

Now, onto ION-Toronto!


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