Fireside / October 2013

4 Costumes PR Pros Should Avoid

HalloweenPhotoBy now, you’re probably well along in your quest to debut an original, imaginative costume on All Hallows’ Eve.  As PR professionals, we’re immersed in the headlines and latest trends, giving us a competitive advantage when it comes to inventing a costume that is not only timely, but creative enough to stand out among the rest.

While dressing up is top-of-mind for all of us during this time of year, unfortunately in this profession, practitioners can often make the mistake of wearing a costume to the office year-round.

Here are a few you may have unintentionally tried on for size:

  • The Jack-O-Lantern – We all have bright ideas inside of us, but sometimes we let insecurity get in the way and prevent them from shining through.  Sitting in a meeting and keeping all your thoughts on unconventional approaches to launching a new product or energizing your clients’ social base to yourself is not good for your agency or your career.  Embrace your creativity and never be afraid to express it; that little flicker of an idea could be enough to spark the next big thing.
  • The Ghost – Being a wispy presence during the planning and tactical stages of a campaign is not an option in PR.  Don’t be the person who hides from criticism, or, worse yet, appears out of the mist when it’s time for the accolades.  Take an active approach to making your presence known early and often, lending an eager hand and attitude every step of the way.
  • The Monster – Taking a lesson from Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” we know that a combination of knowledge and alienation can have grotesque results.  Likewise, piecing together old ideas and strategies and re-applying them to new campaigns can keep even the most weathered PR veterans stiff and stuck in their ways.  We can have the best intentions, but if we don’t make ourselves agile, flexible and open to new approaches, we’re not doing ourselves, our peers or our clients the justice we all deserve.
  • The Mummy – Last but certainly not least, with the 24×7 news cycle and on-demand society in which we operate, it’s easy to get too wrapped up in work.  Maintaining a professional-life balance is essential to success both inside and outside of the office.  At the end of each day, take some time to unwind, relax and reflect upon all you’ve accomplished.

Are there any similar “costumes” you or your colleagues have worn to work?

Wireside Wrap-Up: INTEROP

What a week it was for Wireside in New York City!

Our agency was a gold sponsor of Light Reading’s Ethernet & SDN Expo, a premier event co-located with INTEROP New York.  INTEROP is an independently organized conference and exhibition designed to empower information technology professionals to make smart business decisions.

For our first night on the town, Joya and I attended Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards 2013, held at THE OUT NYC.  The evening kicked off with a happy hour, followed by dinner and an awards ceremony to honor the best work in telecom excellence.  Wireside client, NTT Communications, was selected as finalist in the category of Most Innovative Carrier Cloud Service. Manhattan-20131001-00149 JoyaCC

The night concluded with some wild entertainment including Cirque New York performers that danced, hula hooped and turned into a human slinky!  Check out Light Reading’s pictures from the Soiree:


From October 2-3, we staffed Wireside’s booth on the show floor of the Jacob K. Javits Center.  Exhibiting at the conference provided us with a great opportunity to network with IT leaders from across the globe and discuss their PR needs.

We thoroughly enjoyed the food, entertainment and networking opportunities NYC had to offer and look forward to our next adventure in the Big Apple!

ION-Krakow at PLNOG 11: Swords, Knights, Castles, Internet?

This week ION Krakow, co-located with the Polish Network Operators’ Group (PLNOG), took place bringing IT professionals and industry leaders from all over Europe together to discuss emerging technologies including IPv6, DNSSEC, and Routing Resiliency and Security. While getting a large number of professionals in one venue is a major feat in itself—PLNOG is one of the biggest network conferences in Poland—the conference organizers took it one step further with an amazing medieval theme made certain that the event would be pretty memorable.

PLNOG KnightsPLNOG banner

Conferences and sword fights do not normally go hand in hand, but between medieval tournaments, and a party in a castle, we love it when a theme is truly carried through.

In addition, PLNOG 11 debuted PLNOG4KIDS – a series of events and meetings organized for 9-12 year old children.

Of course, there was a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure the event would go off without a hitch, not unlike the challenges ION panelists discussed during panels “Slaying the Two-Headed Beast: Challenges and Triumphs of DNSSEC” and “Fortifying the Castle: An Update on Global IPv6 Deployment.” Check out the links to archived webcasts here.



(Left to Right: ION-Krakow IPv6 panelists take questions from the audience; ION-Krakow speakers Jan Žorž and Sander Steffann)

Now, onto ION-Toronto!