Fireside / March 2012

Christine Carlson

Sorting Through the Sea of PR Tools & Services

As B2B communications professionals, we’re always working to show how our clients’ products and services can reduce costs and improve productivity for their customers, among other benefits.  Identifying PR resources that can help us accomplish tasks quickly and thoroughly, in a cost-effective manner are just as important in our fast-paced, ever-changing industry.  There are an endless number of PR services and tools aimed at helping folks in our profession meet these objectives and new services are constantly emerging in the market.  However, with so many resources to choose from, the process of selecting the best vendors can be a challenge.

Each month, I’ll explore a different tool or category of service available to PR pros.  From traditional and social media monitoring, media databases, news wires and more, I’ll provide an in-depth analysis on some of the top competitors in each category and make an objective recommendation on the services we feel are the most reliable or offer the best value.

Have you come across a PR tool you can’t live without, or used a service that did not live up to expectations?  If so, we’d like to hear about it.  Share your stories of satisfaction or disappointment with us by commenting on Fireside posts or through our social media channels.