Wireside & Light Reading
Partnered to Produce
IPv6: The Time Is Now!

The Hilton New York New York City, NY

Conference Description:

Light Reading’s IPv6: The Time Is Now! conference debuts at a time when telecom service providers and their enterprise customers are confronting the end of the IPv4 era and the transition to IPv6, with its opportunities and challenges. This conference will inform the critical decisions that service providers and their customers need to make, both to address near-term challenges and to take advantage of longer-term opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage in the IPv6 world. It is designed to provide both groups with the latest information needed for the planning and execution of an IPv6 transition strategy, featuring industry leaders from the service provider and vendor community in a setting that will allow for practical discussion of the issues involved.

With IPv4 addresses expected to be exhausted this year, service providers who have been planning for this transition for almost a decade must implement their plans for dual-protocol strategies and for deployment of IPv6 in growth areas such as mobile networks. In addition, they need to work with both their enterprise and consumer customers to enable a smooth transition in each of those markets. Content providers are recognizing the need to develop greater IPv6 inventory, even as the industry looks to IPv6 as an opportunity to create new layers of security for IP services. Multiple Internet players are also looking to IPv6 to provide greater opportunities for growth, via machine-to-machine communications and other deployments requiring a wealth of IP addresses.

Who Attended?

Excluding sponsors, more than 300 individuals registered for IPv6 2011, with over 140 non-sponsors attending.*

Of those who attended, 47% were from cable operators or service providers!

*Please note: Numbers quoted do NOT include sponsoring company participants.

Testimonials from past attendees:

“The opportunity to discuss Aashu Virmani’s presentation with him and our entire table over lunch gave me valuable insights. … The mix of people was interesting – including an industry analyst from UBS.”

– Maggie Murphy, AT&T

“Excellent! This event was very informative. This event provided an opportunity to discuss ‘carrot and stick’ business cases for IPv6 with peers in the industry. It validated most of thoughts and concerns. The forum gave us opportunities to challenge and respond to concerns and issues surrounding IPv6.”

– Tim Newbrough, Johnson & Johnson