Wireside Seeks Intern

Wireside values diversity and offers full time internships to qualified candidates.  Wireside is seeking a recent college graduate to fill a coveted internship position. Learn More

“My internship at Wireside allowed me to see the nuts and bolts of the world of public relations. From making pitch calls to preparing the spokesperson for media interviews, I was able to work alongside the members of the agency’s savvy team for four months, gaining valuable skills and insight with each new task.”

Benae Mosby

“Interning at Wireside Communication provided me with valuable communications experience and created a solid foundation before moving on to a full-time job at a New York public relations agency. My intern duties, including media monitoring, client research, and report writing, directly relate to the types of tasks I perform daily. My experience at Wireside taught me the fundamental in’s and out’s of the world of PR, from some of the industry’s best.”

— Emma Swann

“My experience as a full-time public relations intern with Wireside Communication greatly impacted my entrance into the working world, molding me into a successful and marketable young professional.  The staff team members were intelligent, savvy, and insightful, serving as mentors throughout my internship program. I have found that my time with Wireside provided me with a solid set of PR and consulting skills that are beneficial in many sectors of the workforce.”

— Margaret Ward

“Interning with Wireside allowed me to build a solid foundation in communications and PR for high-tech clients.  My experience there led to a position at another high-tech PR agency, and my current position as a communications specialist.”

— Alisa Sweeney

“My internship with Wireside Communications was an invaluable work experience that I continue to appreciate as a software consultant to this day. Within one summer, I was given the opportunity to delve into the fast paced world of PR and work alongside a team of driven specialists to address a myriad of challenges every week. The communication and analytical skills I honed at Wireside have propelled me to become the successful professional I am today.”

— Nicholas Smith