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  • OrbTV: NTT & Multicloud Trends

    Len Padilla, VP Product Strategy of NTT Europe, discusses how we’re witnessing a growing multicloud trend and how NTT is advising enterprise customers transitioning into the multicloud environment. Watch the video

    Light Reading 02/28/18
  • McLaren’s NTT Com partnership now helping its F1 team with racing

    NTT Communications and its technologies is helping McLaren’s Formula 1 racing team to race even faster. The McLaren F1 racing team has a racing simulation engine, MORSE, which generates over 100GB of data per race weekend. MORSE leverages the NTT Enterprise Cloud to complete simulations faster at time-critical points. This results in a more complete race strategy for McLaren’s Formula 1 racing team. NTT Com’s Cloud Management Platform race-day dashboard further enables the team to see the status of its IT infrastructure. Why? For proactive fault finding and avoidance, McLaren says. NTT Com’s networks also enables fast connectivity between McLaren HQ, satellite offices, and the 20 worldwide Grand Prix racing sites. This NTT Com relationship extends across the entire McLaren company, helping it to achieve cloud, mobility, security, and other goals. The next stage, from 2018 to 2020, will involve accelerating co-innovation across the entire McLaren enterprise.

    ZDNet 10/20/17
  • The Net Effect [PODCAST]

    Picture messaging firm Snap once snubbed a buyout offer from Facebook. Is it now losing to its Facebook-owned rival Instagram? Plus, we chat to Kathryn Brown, CEO of the Internet Society, and Professor Philip Howard from the Oxford Internet Institute, about how the Net is changing societies around the world. And 20 years ago, chess world champion Garry Kasparov was beaten by IBM’s Deep Blue computer. We hear what he makes of artificial intelligence today. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC technology reporter Chris Foxx, and special guest Cassie Werber from the Quartz news website.

    BBC World Service: Tech Tent 05/12/17

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  • Leading Telecom with Data Center Transformation

    Fortune 500 telecom company NTT Communications is embracing digitization by transforming its data center with Cisco ACI. Read more

    Cisco 04/18/18
  • McLaren Honda F1 Team’s Racing Simulation Engine Runs on NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud

    The McLaren Honda F1 racing team generates over 100 Gigabytes of data per race weekend. They needed an ICT solution that could maintain pace with all group companies. That’s why McLaren Technology Group revamped its global ICT infrastructure with NTT Communications WAN, Enterprise Cloud and Cloud Management Platform. Read more

    NTT Com, McLaren 09/16/17
  • A Unique Partnership Transforms Tennessee Data Systems

    In 2016, Tennessee Data Systems faced a dilemma. A regional provider of enterprise data storage services, it was serving a customer base looking for new and more cost-effective ways to manage exploding data storage requirements, but was itself limited in how effectively it could meet this demand. The solution arose from a unique partnership between NTT Communications (NTT Com), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Integris Solutions Group, an IT consultancy. Read More

    NTT Com, HPE, Integris Solutions Group, and TDS 04/10/17
  • IPv6

    Wireside is the only PR agency in the United States with an award winning and dedicated IPv6 PR practice.

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    Client Bylines/Contributed Articles

  • How Security in the Cloud Differs from the Traditional Enterprise – and what this Means for IT Multi-Sourcing

    Cloud computing has impacted IT in many ways, including (not the least of which) security. One decade ago, in a less “cloudy” world, an enterprise would either manage IT itself or delegate much of it to a large consulting or IT services firm. Either way, one or two persons (the CIO and/or outsourcing firm’s lead) would take charge of security, which typically involved setting up barriers to internal resources.  Read more

    Future of Sourcing 11/06/18
  • Time to worry about your software supply chain?

    Software has become crucial to every industry. Yet ensuring the software system you are buying or licensing is authentic and free from defect or malware is a challenge. Read more

    Future of Sourcing 10/09/18
  • A primer on cryptocurrency mining malware

    In case you weren’t paying attention, the cryptocurrency market is hot, with more than 1,600 currencies and counting. That’s up from one (Bitcoin) a decade ago. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised more than $5 billion in 2017, and $6.3 billion in the first three months of 2018 alone.  Read more

    Future of Sourcing 09/14/18
  • Client Analyst Reports

    • MANRS Project Study Report

      MANRS was founded with the ambitious goal of improving the security and reliability of the global Internet routing system, based on collaboration among participants and shared responsibility for Internet infrastructure. These are undoubtedly essential pillars supporting the Internet’s tremendous growth and success, but we must better articulate the incentives of contributing to global security and resilience to grow MANRS participation and reach our goals. Read more

      Analyst: Eric Hanselman

      451 Research 10/16/17
    • UNH-IOL Offers SDN Industry Expanded Test Services with Launch of SDN Consortium

      The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), a respected independent test lab, is leveraging existing facilities to expand its SDN test services with the August 1 launch of its Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Consortium. Read More

      Analyst: David Krozier

      Current Analysis 07/14/16

      You’ve made your business a success in the U.S. Now it’s time to expand into a worldwide market to serve customers looking to go global, even sign up some new accounts. How hard can it be, given the advantages provided by modern mobile and telecom technologies? Harder than you may think without a firm grasp of “how business is done” elsewhere. In this Report, experts from CenturyLink, Ingram Micro, The Herjavec Group and other firms reveal what you need to know as you embark on that new international business strategy. These are people who learned their lessons the hard way, so listen up.   Read More

      Analyst: Esther Schindler

      Channel Partners Online 03/16/16

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