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Each month in 2016, you will have the opportunity to learn about 3 members of the Gather family. Each speaker will share what problem their business solves, what obstacles they have overcome, and what their growth plans are. Read More


PRSA Webinar: “A Tech PR Trifecta”

How to Build Great Relationships With Tech Journalists, Understand Current Media Trends and Secure Top Feature Placements for Your Clients.  This webinar will be a candid conversation with the industry’s most influential technology editors on how to win the hearts and minds of reporters (and readers), and more ink in their magazines. Our panel of journalists will cover best practices for engaging media, personal communications preferences, and story interests and beats, as well as how to build those elusive “relationships” that we all seek. This session also will cover tips for writing the most effective subject lines and pitches, and the essential elements reporters look for. You’ll learn:

·         What’s changed in the newsroom and the role of editor vs. reporter.

·         Elements of a successful pitch and an irresistible subject line.

·         How to engage reporters via timing, topics and channels.

·         Tips for pitching by email and phone, and social media dos and don’ts.

·         The ins and outs of embargoes, desk-side briefings and press conferences.

·         Examples of the best and worst of public relations.


PRSA Webinar: “Get Clicked, Read, Shared and Liked: Make Your Blog Posts and Social Media Status Updates More Creative”

What makes people share online messages? Interesting, entertaining and funny content tops the list, according to a study by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

In this session, you’ll find out how to make your messages more interesting than cat videos and Kim Kardashian with techniques that make your audience laugh, cry and hit “send.” You’ll learn how to:

  • Tap The Awwwwww Factor — the #1 tool you can use for crafting messages that go viral.
  • Steal from the FBI. Model the masters of online storytelling to write pieces that readers love to read.
  • Craft an online story in three simple steps.
  • Start with the snake, or choose a lead that readers actually want to read. (And avoid the most common lead approach that is guaranteed to turn them away.)
  • Write in the V.O.B. Develop a voice for your online channels.
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