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Why the time for 100G IP is now

by Tony Chan

The continual growth of Internet traffic and the emergence of new services is rapidly moving the industry towards 100G Ethernet deployments, says NTT America.

“We’ve actually been planning for 100G Ethernet for quite a while now. We’ve had some of our engineers participate in the development of the standard in the IEEE Working Groups – we’ve been watching it for a long time, because we saw that 10Gbps services were going to be – we were going to outgrow them before the normal timeline when 100Gbps was going to be available,” Doug Junkins, chief technology officer at NTT America told CommsDay International. “This has proven to be the case, where we now have customers who have more than 10 x 10Gbps Ethernet bundled together to provide services to them on our IP backbone.”  Read More