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  • NTT Makes Play for IaaS

    NTT Communications has announced the deployment of managed private cloud solutions to HPE and NTT customers in the US in a play for the IaaS market. Read more


    Business Cloud News 06/29/16
  • NTT Com Enhances Its Enterprise Cloud

    NTT (NewsAlert) Com’s Enterprise Cloud solution has gotten a bit of a makeover. Enterprise Cloud is touted as a full-layer virtual private cloud, and now with its latest enhancements, the solution will better be able to provide solutions to the challenges that the enterprise faces with ICT operations.  Read More

    Enterprise Cloud Resource 03/18/16

    Rob Westervelt of NTT America is stoked about the opportunities for the indirect sales channel.  Read More

    Channel Partners 03/17/16
  • NTT Com Shifts Focus to Sub-Agents, Enterprise Cloud Updates

    After exceeding its goal of on-boarding 15 master agents, NTT Com’s Global Solutions Channel Partner Program is shifting its focus to sub-agents.

    More than two years after launching its Global Solutions Channel Partner Program, NTT Communications is shifting its focus from master agents to sub-agents, and readying the channel for updates to its Enterprise Cloud offering, according to an announcement this week at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo this week in Las Vegas.  Read More

    Talkin' Cloud 03/16/16
  • NTT Communications To Solution Providers: We’re Open For Business

    NTT Communications Corp. spent the past year going after master agent partners. Now, the IT and communications solutions giant is turning its attention to the sub-agent or sales partner community.  Read More

    CRN 03/16/16
  • IoT: Driving the Need for IPv6

    As Internet of Things devices multiply, the lack of readily available IP addresses will become critical.

    It’s impossible to open up the Sunday flier for a major electronics store without seeing ads for smart thermostats, coffee makers, refrigerators, and even light bulbs and crockpots. The notion that nothing is off limits when it comes to IP addresses has taken the world by storm. People want their gadgets to be Internet-aware and they want to control them remotely from their Android or IOS devices.  Read More

    no jitter 03/14/16
  • NTT unveils enhancements to Enterprise Cloud

    NTT Communications Corporationhas unveiled enhancements to its cloud solution, Enterprise Cloud. The enhanced Enterprise Cloud is immediately available in Japan, and will be rolled out in the UK, Singapore, US, Australia, Hong Kong and Germany this year.  Read More

    Networks Asia 03/11/16
  • NTT Releases Enhancements to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Enterprise Cloud

    NTT (NewsAlert) Communications Corporations has been making significant moves lately, the latest of which being the unveiling of dramatic enhancements to its innovative cloud solution, Enterprise Cloud. The newly enhanced version of Enterprise Cloud is being made immediately available in Japan first, with roll outs in the U.K., Singapore, U.S., Australia, Hong Kong and Germany to come later this year.  Read More

    MSP Today 03/07/16
  • How to Navigate the Coming Digital Transformation

    The words “digital transformation” are on a lot of lips these days. This is the process in which the enterprise goes from selling products to selling services, where mobile apps replace web pages as the means to reach customers, and where providing “experiences” is as important, if not more so, than selling or marketing.  Read More

    ITBusinessEdge 03/07/16
  • NTT Coms overhauls Enterprise Cloud for hybrid world

    NTT Communications is overhauling its Enterprise Cloud offering, adding OpenStack in its public cloud, and blending traditional and cloud-native ICT as it puts the focus on hybrid architectures.  Read More

    ITBrief Australia 03/07/16