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  • What Is IPv6 And Why Is It Considered A Key Enabler Of The Internet Of Things

    Customer Edge (CE) routers from Broadcom, Netgear and ZTE were the first to be approved for the IPv6 CE Router Logo.  Please provide an overview of the CE Router Logo and explain its significance to service providers.  Read More

    Home Toys 02/09/16

    With the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining traction, as evidenced by the technologies displayed at CES 2016, IPv6 traffic will continue rising. IPv4 addresses have been depleted, so the explosion of IoT devices (Gartner estimates 6.4 billion things will be online worldwide this year) is dependent on the IPv6 address inventory.  Read More

    BTR 02/02/16
  • Wheeling And Dealing: Top 6 Telecom Moves Impacting The Channel In December

    NTT Offerings Available To HP Customers Via New Partnership

    Telecommunications provider NTT Communications made its global portfolio of cloud infrastructure offerings available to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) customers via a partnership between HPE and NTT Com’s U.S. subsidiary, NTT America.  Read More

    CRN 01/03/16
  • HPE & NTT: A Strategic Alliance for Hybrid Cloud

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s unique partnership with NTT America is a classic example of a New IP partnership — built on the strengths of each and to the advantage of both in that it delivers innovative products, market access, interoperability, security and more.  Read More

    New IP 12/21/15
  • NTT America Channel Heads Offer New Program Update

    NTT (NewsAlert) Communications, which is owned by NTT Corp., is one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services. IDC has named the company a leader in the worldwide telecom service provider and enterprise WAN data service provider arenas, noting its significant investments in upgrading its network and cloud networking capabilities with network functions virtualization and software-defined networking technologies; its delivery of the first commercial multilayer private cloud service based on SDN; the first global DCI service targeting multinational corporations; and its aggressive posture in adopting hybrid WAN services, Internet-based WAN alternatives, usage-based pricing, cloud IT, and secure access.  Read More

    Internet Telephony 12/09/15
  • HPE to sell NTT cloud and services in the US

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced a partnership with the American subsidiary of NTT Communications. As part of the arrangement, HPE customers in the US will get direct access to NTT Com’s global portfolio of infrastructure and cloud solutions, which are primarily aimed at medium and large businesses.  Read More

    Datacenter Dynamics 12/03/15
  • HPE to give customer access to IaaS from NTT Communications

    HPE customers can now get instant infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from NTT Communications portfolio following an agreement with the Japanese telco’s NTT America division.  Read More

    Business Cloud News 12/03/15
  • Cloud Computing News

    NTT Com has announced the availability of its global portfolio of cloud infrastructure solutions to Hewlett Packard Enterprise(HPE) customers made possible by a partnership between HPE and NTT Com’s U.S. subsidiary, NTT America. The new NTT America and HPE partnership enables customers in the United States to buy NTT Com’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) portfolio solutions, including enterprise private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure – plus NTT America professional services including cloud migration services, datacentre consolidation, managed infrastructure services, and disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS).  Read More 12/03/15
  • Secure Cloud Solutions from NTT Com Now Available to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Customers

    The NTT Com and Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnership allows customers in the U.S. to buy NTT Com’s IaaS portfolio solutions, including enterprise private, public, and hybrid cloud services. By ChannelPro.  Read More

    ChannelProNetwork 12/03/15
  • Channel Partner Program Roundup: NTT Com, Affirmed Networks

    Howdy folks, and welcome back to Channel Partner Program Roundup. This week we’ve got some hot developments from NTT Com and Affirmed Networks.  Read More

    The VAR Guy 12/03/15