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  • You know IoT security is bad when libertarians call for strict regulation

    RSA USA We all know the vast majority of Internet-of-Things devices haven’t anything more than a fig leaf for protection. Now the unlikeliest of folks are calling for rules to improve IoT security: libertarians. Read more

    The Register 02/20/17
  • Do IoT security risks require new legislation or will standards suffice?

    SAN FRANCISCO — While most of the attendees supported government regulation as a necessary part of taming the security threats raised by the internet of things, the experts on the panel titled “Internet of Insecurity: Can Industry Solve It or Is Regulation Required?” hashed out some of the details. Read more

    TechTarget 02/20/17
  • Why Tech Should Get Involved in Regulating IoT Security

    SAN FRANCISCO — Regulation of the Internet of Things (IoT) might not sound attractive, but security experts speaking at the RSA Conference Wednesday said it’s not a bad idea. Read more

    SDxCentral 02/20/17
  • ‘Internet of Things’ experts worry about collision between digital, physical worlds

    As the Internet increasingly collides with the world of physical things in the form of connected cars, cameras and billions of other programmable household devices, regulators and lawmakers need to learn how to create hybrid rules that protect not just consumers’ privacy and data security, but also their physical safety. Read more

    MLex Market Insight 02/20/17
  • Government needs to regulate cyber security of IoT, somehow, say experts

    SAN FRANCISCO — Governments have an obligation to quickly improve the cyber safety of the millions of industrial and consumer devices being sold and connected to the Internet, a panel of experts agree – they just can’t agree on how. Read more

    IT World Canada 02/20/17
  • Internet and Data Security: Five Proposals to Restore Confidence with Users

    “Promoting the development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all individuals throughout the world” is the mission of the Internet Society (ISOC). In its latest report, the third since 2014, the organization says that in 2015, 1673 breaches were identified, resulting in the piracy of 707 million data files. And the financial cost of a noisy piracy reaches $ 4 million. This situation reinforces consumers’ mistrust of the web. Without trust, those who are online are unlikely to entrust their personal data over the Internet, and those who are not yet connected will have a valid alibi to remain offline. To restore confidence, ISOC made five proposals. Read more 12/01/16
  • 707 Million Records Exposed in 2015

    The Internet Society (ISOC), a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring open development, apart from the evolution and the use of the Internet, has released its 2016 Global Internet Report. The report states that 707 million records were exposed during 2015 through 1,673 breaches. Read more

    ReadITQuik 12/01/16
  • Many users don’t want to deal with breached businesses

    We get plenty of reports on people being asked if they’d continue doing business with organizations that got breached. Sometimes, the reports are positive, saying people understand all the hard work organizations put into securing their data and that, sometimes, breaches can happen. Read more

    Beta News 12/01/16
  • Would you do business with a breached organisation?

    We get plenty of reports on people being asked if they’d continue doing business with organisations that got breached. Sometimes, the reports are positive, saying people understand all the hard work organisations put into securing their data and that sometimes, breaches can happen.

    On other days, these reports claim people would walk away from such companies, never to look at their direction again. Today is one of those days.  A new report by The Internet Society, called 2016 Global Internet Report, says 40 per cent of users would not do business with a company that suffered a data breach. Read more

    ITProPortal 12/01/16
  • Consumers are hacked off with the web: report

    A new report from the Internet Society shows that companies are not doing enough to protect themselves from cybercrime and if they continue to do nothing, they are going to start losing customers quickly as consumer confidence in web services is at an all-time low. Read more

    The Star Online 12/01/16