Client Bylines/Contributed Articles

  • What IT needs to know about cloud economics: applications

    The application itself shapes the costs involved in managing and possibly migrating software and infrastructure to the cloud. Read more

    InfoWorld 03/05/18
  • Data migration in seven steps

    By Rich Harper, NTT America

    Whether you’re an early adopter or a laggard, when it comes to the great cloud migration, it’s easy to get it wrong if you don’t prepare. Read more

    Network World 02/20/18
  • 6 hidden liabilities of enterprise SaaS applications

    By Brandon Curry, NTT America

    ‘Secret SaaS’ is only one of several limits that this business model is facing. Read more

    Computerworld 02/12/18
  • How to overcome infrastructure firefighting and other distractions

    By Rich Harper, NTT America

    There are many obstacles that can keep IT professionals from the mission-critical parts of their job, steering them off track of their strategic IT roadmap. But there are ways to regain control. Read more


    Network World 02/05/18
  • What IT needs to know about cloud economics: costs

    By Indranil Sengupta, NTT America

    Cloud computing costs can accelerate for several reasons. A key question: When does the public cloud become more costly than the private? That threshold seems to be dropping. Read more

    InfoWorld 01/29/18
  • Hybrid cloud holding you back? Try Microsoft Azure Stack

    By Jeffrey Bannister and Brandon Curry

    Supported by the right network and services, enterprises can use a hybrid cloud platform to comply with data regulations, streamline devops and support edge applications. Azure Stack is a case in point. Read more



    CIO 01/29/18
  • 6 steps to engage and manage a vendor who isn’t meeting your standards

    By Rich Harper, NTT America

    How are you getting along with your vendors? If you’re having problems with one, engage and try to channel some of the friction with these six actions. Read more

    NetworkWorld 01/16/18
  • How to Harness the Power of Shadow IT

    By Jefffrey Bannister, NTT America

    CIOs today face a unique HR-related challenge: Not only to recruit and retain the best possible talent, but also to deal with the technological expectations of an entire organization’s employees, when some of those employees were born in an era before color televisions, while others have grown up with smartphones and laptops as staples of daily life. Read more

    CIO 08/15/17
  • Cloud Security: Trends and Strategy

    By Jeffrey Bannister, NTT America

    Cloud computing can generate mixed feelings. Corporate leaders generally welcome technologies that produce efficiency, agility and speed. Cloud services deliver those benefits, yet many are concerned about security, even while being often uninformed about how widely the cloud is used within their own businesses. Read more

    CIO 07/31/17
  • Managed services and strategic outcomes

    By Jeffrey Bannister, NTT America

    IT departments utilize managed services to reinvent themselves, regain control over their technology infrastructure, and refocus their efforts on achieving strategic goals. Read more

    CIO 07/10/17