Client Analyst Reports

  • MANRS Project Study Report

    MANRS was founded with the ambitious goal of improving the security and reliability of the global Internet routing system, based on collaboration among participants and shared responsibility for Internet infrastructure. These are undoubtedly essential pillars supporting the Internet’s tremendous growth and success, but we must better articulate the incentives of contributing to global security and resilience to grow MANRS participation and reach our goals. Read more

    Analyst: Eric Hanselman

    451 Research 10/16/17
  • UNH-IOL Offers SDN Industry Expanded Test Services with Launch of SDN Consortium

    The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), a respected independent test lab, is leveraging existing facilities to expand its SDN test services with the August 1 launch of its Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Consortium. Read More

    Analyst: David Krozier

    Current Analysis 07/14/16

    You’ve made your business a success in the U.S. Now it’s time to expand into a worldwide market to serve customers looking to go global, even sign up some new accounts. How hard can it be, given the advantages provided by modern mobile and telecom technologies? Harder than you may think without a firm grasp of “how business is done” elsewhere. In this Report, experts from CenturyLink, Ingram Micro, The Herjavec Group and other firms reveal what you need to know as you embark on that new international business strategy. These are people who learned their lessons the hard way, so listen up.   Read More

    Analyst: Esther Schindler

    Channel Partners Online 03/16/16
  • NTT Communications’ SDN-Enabled Cloud Now Offers Integrated Management of Connectivity and Compute Resources

    NTT Communications is leveraging SDN for enterprise cloud services to integrated self-service management of computing and connectivity. As usual, availability is limited to Japan at first, with other regions to follow. Read More

    Analyst: John Marcus

    Current Analysis 10/08/14
  • NTT Communications takes aim at distributed enterprises with NFV-enabled services

    Operating the product side of its enterprise network services, the new cloud-based networking service serves as an extension of NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One portfolio, which covers a network of more than 190 countries worldwide. Read More

    Analyst: Agatha Poon

    451 Research 07/01/14
  • NTT Com Claims First Mover with Virtela Acquisition’s Global NFV Capabilities

    NTT Com has moved quickly to integrate the recent Virtela acquisition, rolling out services that are fast to set up, flexible to change and basically CapEx free. But is it really different enough to capture enterprise attention? Read More

    Analyst: Hugh Ujhazy

    Current Analysis 05/30/14
  • With RagingWire, has NTT found a way to have its cake and eat it too?

    Earlier this month, NTT Com completed its $350m investment in RagingWire. The telecommunications provider has been treating its datacenter acquisitions a bit differently than some of its competitors. Perhaps is has found a new recipe for success? Read More

    Analyst: Kelly Morgan

    451 Research 02/26/14
  • 2014 M&A Outlook – Networking

    As part of our end-of-year series of M&A analysis, we look at the deals that mattered in 2013 and assess the prospects for the next 12 months in the networking sector. Where will we see acquisitions, and who might be involved? Read More

    Analysts: Peter Christy, Christian Renaud

    451 Research 01/24/14
  • NTT Communications Expands Data Center Footprint, Reach with Equity Stake in RagingWire

    NTT Communications is extending its global data center reach with a majority stake in U.S.-based RagingWire. The deal helps NTT Com expand its U.S. footprint while gaining technology to streamline data center operations. Read More

    Analyst: Amy Larsen DeCarlo

    Current Analysis 11/04/13
  • NTT Communications Draws Vision of ‘Seamless Cloud for the World’

    At its annual two-day customer event in Japan, NTT Communications displayed its vision for seamless IT and communications solutions. Can NTT overcome internal barriers and brand confusion for a model heavily reliant on services for delivery? Read More

    Analyst: Hugh Ujhazy

    Current Analysis 11/01/13