Powerful Presentations with Prezi

PowerPoint is so last century.  Presentations today need more than just a couple graphs on a page and basic animation.  They need movement, they need to come alive.  A presentation needs to be able to captivate an audience that is constantly bombarded with other attention grabbers – email, phone calls, another cute kitten video on YouTube.

Luckily, there is a company out there that can help.  Prezi is a start-up that allows users to create interactive presentations on the web.  Users can even upload old PowerPoints into one of their templates, make a couple of updates, and in a flash have a visually appealing, 3-dimensional, interactive, exciting presentation that will blow colleagues away.


Like with many new technology start-ups, Prezi currently offers a free membership option.  The free option allows a user access to the online database of templates and much of the functionality of the paid versions, but all presentations are housed online and publicly available to anyone who visits the site.  An upgraded “Enjoy” membership, which costs only $59 per year, allows for presentations to be stored online privately so users can choose with whom they’d like to share it.

It’s about time to shake up the boardroom – why not try out Prezi today?

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